How to choose a good sample of a doctoral dissertation

Choosing a good doctoral dissertation sample can help immensely in securing you a good mark for your work. A good sample can be used as a guide to help you and act as a good reference point. You can find samples in many places, which we will discuss in this article.

Writing Agencies

One of the best places to find good dissertation samples from, are writing agencies online. These agencies employ professional writers who themselves have experience writing thesis for their own projects. From them, you can acquire great samples that have achieved high marks for students. The great thing is that you can use the topic of the thesis to give you inspiration for your own topic.


You need to undertake a considerable amount of research for your thesis. You need to cite many different sources in your work, as it is a large part of achieving a high mark. You should acquire relevant sources from literature websites devoted to your topic. These will host all the latest research pertaining to your topic, and you will be able to include this in your work for a high mark.

You should also check out your university’s library to see good books on your topic, because these will also have valuable pieces of information you can implement into your dissertation.


You need to write about different viewpoints in your paper. This makes up for a large part of your overall mark. For example, you need to discuss other methodologies you could have used, apart from your own, and then analyze why you feel that it was not as good an option as the one you went along with.

Another example of this is another interpretation of your results which are different from your own. You need to analyze these various opinions to make your own argument stronger.


A good thesis will have the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Results Discussion
  • Conclusion

A good structure to your paper ensures that it is easy to understand and follow, and this will definitely help in you attaining high marks for it.

There are many writing agencies that offer students great samples of thesis that have been graded highly. Remember to structure your paper well and include plenty of research.